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When okay is not enough…

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Weekend Edition – The Writer’s Home Office plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Live to Write, Write to Live!

Live to Write - Write to Live

In Search of the Perfect Writer’s Home Office:

2 cat deskAs I mentioned last week, I’m moving next Saturday. Our new place is about six hundred square feet (give or take) smaller than the place we’re in now, so downsizing is the name of the game. I’m fine with this (even excited about it), except for one thing: my desk.

My work desk is a huge drafting table. It sits up high, has a span of nearly five feet, and is a remnant of my (much) younger days when I thought I was going to be a visual artist. Though I haven’t sketched much in the last twenty years, I kept the desk. I like it partly because I can spread out, but mostly because there’s space for two cat beds. Having one or both of my feline companions curled up within arm’s reach is, without doubt, my favorite thing about…

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The other side of fear

Realize something before it’s too late!

Cristian Mihai

fear“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”Jack Canfield

Let me tell you about fear. It’s poison. It’s poison for your mind. It makes you lose control, it makes you freeze, it makes you take the wrong decision. When you let fear take over, you’re just an echo of your former self. An empty shadow and nothing more.

But we’re all afraid, aren’t we? Even the brave are afraid. There’s no such thing as fearless. There’s always something to be afraid of. What will happen, what might happen, what we might lose, what we might never gain.

So… what is there to be had on the other side of fear?

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Wish nothing bad happened to me! :(

Morning Pipo’s World..

I’m not feeling good enough this morning. I have problem with my digestion, and it really hurts me. Last night, it was around 10 pm, I woke-up and got my bathroom. I was very shocked to know that my faces were bloody. I was just quiet without any single word. Before long, I took my mobile phone and tried to contact someone. Unfortunately, he didn’t pick my calling up. He might be asleep when I called him. Then, I tried to close my eyes and wished that nothing bad would happen to me.

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A Very Nice Souvenir!

Last weekend, one of my very little students went to Bali for having a long-holiday. And just last afternoon was our first meeting after the long-holiday. She told me enthusiastically about what she and her family did there. At the end of the class, she whispered me, “Kaka, I have something for you”, “What’s that honey?” I replied. Then, she got something out from her cute bag. “This is for you”.

I’m always amazed for everything that my students do for me, although it’s only on a little thing. But it’s very worth to me! Thanks a lot for this very beautiful flower dear. :*Image

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I heven’t seen and written on this blog for long time, really miss you!

welcome back Pipo, write and share everything you want to! 🙂Image


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