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May 3rd, 2014

Morning guys, it’s a very nice morning right? Anyway, as far as I go, I never guess my life would be like it is now. As the time goes by as I could face everything sucking me. You may not know these feelings guys, but I’m sure everybody has trouble itself. And now I’m so glad and proud of being someone like I am now. Well, I’ll tell you one of my secrets. When I was a little girl, I never had a dream to be a teacher, especially an English teacher. Because I think to be a teacher isn’t interesting and challenging. But I was wrong. Becoming a teacher evidently is a very sublime, challenging, and wonderful job. Why? Because a teacher passes knowledge to the students, he or she also shows the students how to learn and practice well, and the most important one is the teacher also guides them how to be a good person and creature. So those mean that we as a teacher contribute a lot to the country in building character of the next young generation, isn’t it a great job? Only a teacher who knows how to work with living creature, and it’s not an easy job. A teacher should be smart, good, and patient. Why? Because a teacher is a role model for the students, the teacher should be able to answer every his/her students’ question, give a suitable lesson for the students, give a good example of each lesson practice, and he or she should also understand and know in which way their students feel comfortable in learning. That’s all that a teacher should think about. On the contrary, the teachers usually get a big attention and affection from their students. We often get some amusing actions that students usually do in the classroom, and that becomes happiness itself for us. I’m happy in getting them. So I’m truly proud and glad of being a teacher, especially an English teacher.

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