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They say I’m fat (short story)

Aku nggak tahu apa salahku. Aku ngerasa belakangan ini dietku udah cukup ketat kok. Tapi kenapa sih sang pipi ini tetep juga melar. Mana orang-orang yang ngeliatnya pada pengen nyubitin lagi. Bikin tambah sebel. Pokoknya sebel… sebel… sebel… Sebeel banget. Apa salahku? Hix…hix…Apa jangan-jangan salah dari turunan gen-gen ayahanda dan ibunda tercinta yah yang bikin pipiku tembem begini. Gak juga ah. Mereka gak gendut kok.

I don’t know what my fault is. I feel that these days I have been keeping my diet pretty tight. But how come this my dear cheek is still stretchy. And a lot of people who take a look at it want to pinch it. It makes me more resentful. It is resentful… resentful… resentful… Veeeery resentful. What is my fault? Weep… Weep… did the fault come from the descendant from my beloved father and mother that makes my cheek really puffed-up. I don’t think so. They are not fat either. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on March 26, 2012 in Stories



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